Over 25 years of experience

– Andre Daniel - for many years managed an executive company, has executed over 100 “turnkey” projects (in Poland and abroad) in the field of designing and implementation of fire protection systems read more

gained knowledge and experience in consulting used in the consultancy for the largest companies in the field of broadly defined fire protection, with the support of a permanent and experienced team of experts and designers


- for one of the largest paper producers in Poland, we have completed a comprehensive development of the fire protection concept, including fire detection and extinguishing systems read more

awareness of threats on the client's side resulted in cooperation aimed at securing the production process and stored products, which constitute the biggest fire risk in this type of activity. Thus, the risk of loss and production downtime has been minimized

Power industry

– for one of the largest power plants in Poland within the permanent cooperation, we have carried out the analyses and opinions on documentation of construction projects, including detailed documentation and as-built documentation read more

within the meeting of the requirements included in the contract with the General Contractor and meeting the requirements of the currently applicable provisions on fire protection and explosion protection as well as meeting the requirements included in the guidelines and design standards referenced in the contract

moreover, at the stage of the completion of facilities and systems, we provided permanent technical consultancy in order to verify and agree on project documentation and substantively gave opinions on the suggestions for alternative solutions

A short analysis allows the Customer to know the actual state of threats, documentation compliance status
with the applicable regulations and effectiveness of the installed fire-fighting equipment.
This first step is performed free of charge.
It allows to suggest appropriate solutions and form of cooperation.

Regardless of the decision on starting the cooperation, we provide the Customer
with a preliminary analysis of the actual state of its needs.